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I've been listening to SalesRoundup for two years now, ever since I graduated from college and decided to work in biotech sales.

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I have a great time listening to you guys and have learned a lot from you.

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I have been a listener of well over a year now. The show is great.

I was listening to some old shows and I think the podcast has evolved very nicely. You have stayed true to your own nature…yet keep elevating the show content.

I have been recommending you to everyone I know. Thanks for the all great programming and all the very useful information.




Selling in a Down Economy

The Sales Person's Guide to Selling in
Tough Economic Times!

Salespeople are facing the daunting challenge of bringing in new business in a down economy. With uncertainty about when times will improve, customers have tightened their budgets and increased the level of scrutiny on every purchase. If you’ve been in sales for less than 12 years, you have never experienced the challenge of selling in a tough economy. For those who have sold through tough economic times in the past, it’s been so long you've likely have forgotten how to sell in recessionary times.

Learn from three top sales leaders

"How to increase sales
in a down economy"

The SalesRoundup Podcast

Part 1 - Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Part 2 - Understanding Your Customer..

Part 3 - A Proven Strategy for Success...

The SalesRoundup May 19th
Sales Podcasts & Sales Blog

Selling in a Down Economy
Maintaining A Positive Attitude!

In sales there are many things we can control. The economy is not one of them! Even the Federal Reserve Chairman is having a difficult time with the economy. We do however have total control over the one thing that will separate the top sales performers from the nonperformers and that is our attitude.

Attitude drives behavior and if you maintain a positive attitude you will outperform over 80% of your peers. Optimistic sales people will perform better than their negative peers by nearly 40%. You have control over your mind.

This week Mike and Joe talk about Maintaining A Positive Attitude through this tough economic period. Additionally they have an with interview Rocky LaGrone, founder of The Training Group.

Rocky LaGrone
Founder of The Training Group

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The SalesRoundup May 26th
Sales Podcasts & Sales Blog

Selling in a Down Economy
Understanding Your Customer!

There are a few basic behaviors that top salespeople should follow in tough economic times to sustain their performance. First, make your customer's goals your personal objectives. Demonstrate how your product or service will advance their ambitions. Only propose solutions that solve their business problems! Second, justify all proposals with payback beginning in the current fiscal year. In tough economic times every customer will be looking to save money. And third, reduce their risk! This is especially acute in a down economy. No one wants to take on additional risk when times are tough.

This week Mike and Joe talk with Jeb Blount, author of PowerPrinciples and founder of SalesGravy.com about Understanding Your Customer's needs throughout this turbulent period.

Jeb Blount
Jeb is author of the bestselling sales motivation book PowerPrinciples and the founder of the popular internet sales community SalesGravy.com

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The SalesRoundup June 2nd
Sales Podcasts & Sales Blog

Selling in a Down Economy
A Proven Strategy for Success!

In tough economic times elite sales professionals follow a few basic behaviors to assure top performance. In this the final episode of the series “Selling in a Down Economy” Mike and Joe Interview Tim Wackel, founder and president of The Wackel Group, about the top three key sales strategies you should be deploying right now to ensure your success!

Tim Wackel
Tim Wackel, founder and president of The Wackel Group, delivers sales workshops for technology companies that are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that audiences can (and will!) implement right away.

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