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Why? To Earn More Money

Ask Better Questions - Close More Deals
Increase Sales by 110%


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The top 20% read several sales books, regularly listen to Sales Podcasts, and take at least one sales course per year. They constantly strive to enhance their sales skills. They invest in themselves, and as a result, earn upwards of $212,000 annually. Professional athletes train during the off season. Why? To improve their skills! Why? To Make More Money...

Over the next week, ask the salespeople you meet what sales books they've read this year and what sales training they've taken - Have they done a Sales Plan? The probability is that most have not read a sales book in the past year. Most have not participated in a sales training course unless their employer has required and paid for it. And Most have not done any kind of Sales Planning!. Are you among that 80% that do nothing to improve their sales skills?   

It's Time to Make a Commitment to Change!

Mike and Joe, hosts of the #1 selling podcast "The SalesRoundup Podcast", combined have over 50 years of experience selling and managing sales organizations. Now you can benefit from their years of experience. 

This is the best e-booklet you will find! It's not just some basic ebooklet - it's fifteen pages of proven open ended questions to ask during ALL phases of the sales cycle that will engage your prospect in an interactive conversation about their business issues.

Ask Better Questions - Close More Deals
Increase Sales by 110%


NOW $19.99

Volume Pricing Available
e-booklet in pdf format for immediate download

  Ten Killer General Knowledge Questions

“I will finish 2007 as my best year ever! I will be at 134% of quota. I grew my business by 16%, have been sales rep of the month 5 times and will be sales rep of the year for my region.

Killer Questions has been a great part of my success!

Thank you!”

November 2007

  Nine Killer Project-Related Questions 
  Nine Killer Impact Questions 
  Seven Killer Deep Impact Questions 
  Six Killer Anxiety-Eliciting Questions 
  One Killer Vendor Selection Question 
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- 4 Tips on Knowing
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e-booklet in pdf format for immediate download
Volume Pricing Available 

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